Thursday, December 2, 2010

Presentation and Packaging

I enjoy packaging these little hearts as much as I enjoy sewing them. When preparing my keepsake hearts for shipping I use a cello bag to protect the fabric. Then, to fit the theme or holiday, I choose coordinating tissue paper and ribbon. I then add a small card for an uncomplicated presentation. Last, I mail in a sturdy white box. That is it! Simple and neat packaging from me to you.

These three hearts just need tissue, ribbon and cards before they are sealed up and mailed.

Share your presentation and packaging tips and ideas. How do you protect your items for mailing? Do you have a special packaging technique? What supplies do you buy in bulk?


Meeling said...

I like your simple clean lets the product shine through! :-)

Splendid Things said...

Your hearts are lovely!
For friends that like to sew, I love to wrap their presents in fabric rather than gift wrap. I'm hoping to do a blog post about this soon~ Cheers, jeanette

T @ Poppy Place said...

They look so cute :)

Because I ship mainly photos and original artwork, I have tons of plastic sleeves in various different sizes. Everything goes between 2 pieces of core board so it doesn't get bent in transit, very utilitarian. So, I will usually add a hand painted thak you tag to brighten the parcel.

Have a lovely day, T. :)

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Your hearts are just darling!

I had little tags printed for my jewelry, and I always tie the tag on with a little bit of baker's twine, slip it into a glassine bag, stamp my shop name on it, and seal it with a sweet little circle and ribbon!

I couldn't agree more about presentation being just crucial!

- Lindsay

Domestic Icing said...

So pretty! I sell paintings and prints, which need slightly differnent treatment. I have my packaging here:

Abbylicious said...

Great blog Frannie! Found you in the etsy fourms.

Frannie said...

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing.

Miss Rebecca said...

I try to pay attention to what catches my eye when I'm shopping. I then duplicate it in my own products!

Little extras are totally work it!

Amanda said...

These look great! It makes me so happy to receive something in the mail that is so thoughtfully and prettily packaged. :)

Anonymous said...

Simple, but with a personal touch, is why my recipients love your hearts. Keep up the wonderful work! ;-) T.