Monday, March 22, 2010

My Sketchbook

Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, I am always looking for something to sketch an idea on. I reach for the nearest piece of paper. . . . backs of old envelopes, torn pieces of grocery sack, store receipts, bills. These pieces of scraps invade my life. Tossed in my purse for safe keeping, scattered about the car, tucked in my gym bag, stacked on the corner of my dining room table, eventually they all meet up on my desk for sorting.

Funny, sometimes I look at a scribble I made on a piece of paper I pulled from my purse and wonder what idea I was trying to capture. Lines and circles, instructions, words written by me that even I can't make out! An arrow pointing to the edge of the paper. . . . I turn this little scrap over and more scribbles!

So, thinking it was time for my very first sketchbook, off to the store I went. I found this lovely little 9 x 6 sketchbook. It's small enough to carry with me and large enough to have my ideas stretch out, to grow. They'll have a home all their own.

But, I find myself unable to have my pencil touch these crisp white pages. It's been well over 3 weeks and I still can't bring myself to mark a line on these lovely pages. So I thought I would introduce my scraps of paper to my sketchbook.

Scraps meet Sketch. Sketch meet Scraps. So with tape and paper clips they meet.

It's a beginning.


Anonymous said...

Frannie, if the scraps are working for you, then don't change a thing. I do the same thing except with songs and book notes. But this first entry of yours gives me an idea of something I need to find for you. :-) Love you!

cabin + cub said...

marking the first page of a new sketchbook is always the hardest, i find. but yes, maybe the scraps will help you ease into it. ;)

Frannie said...

Thank you for the comments. I may
mix some of my little scraps with my sketching.

CraftyLady said...

I love journals or sketchbooks or anything that helps the creative process. Great idea!

Galit said...

I love sketchbooks so much but always spend more time in buying the perfect journal and then after a few pages I give up...
I always appreciated artist that their sketchbooks looks like a piece of art itself.

your first pages looks great! Keep scraping and sketching!!

Frannie said...

I agree that sketchbooks look like works of art. I hope to continue to add to mine.